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Wedding DJ and Music Entertainment Pricing

A wedding requires extensive planning. You need to consider the location, invite your guests, shop, plan the menu, and one of the most crucial elements is the music. A wedding DJ is more important than just creating a playlist and clicking play. One of the popular choices this year is a DJ violinist who brings precision to its DJ deck as it does to electric violin.

DJ Packages- A Personalized Soundtrack

The cost of your wedding DJ might vary significantly depending on several variables, such as the venue, the package you choose, and the skill and experience of the DJ you choose. The average wedding DJ cost in the US is around $1,000, with most couples spending between $780 to $1,495. The maximum price is around $2,000, with some items costing as much as $3,000.

The price includes a list of what a wedding DJ costs:

  • A Personalized Soundtrack: Creating your Playlist. It takes time to prepare music for your big day

  • Equipment: Including speakers, microphones, and more.

  • Music: DJ has to buy music, and you certainly want to make sure that they have lots of songs from which to choose.

  • Insurance: These consist of expenditures for marketing, business licensing, and office rent.

The cost for uplighting is often approximately $250, and nearly 90% of wedding DJs also provide lighting services in addition to music. Depending on your preferences, your wedding DJ might offer a choice of equipment. A wedding DJ's sound setup can consist of a DJ deck or controller, speakers, microphones, headphones, a video screen, projection equipment in case you wish to show a video during your reception, karaoke machines, etc. Source

String Entertainment

You need a professional who can give an expertly executed performance with class and style for your wedding, from lovely conventional weddings to DJ sets at club nights. One of today's most meaningful and distinctive shows is an electric violinist. Some productions offer a unique DJ and Violin or DJ and Sax package.

Sets are usually 45-60 minutes long. Generally, a violinist will have enough repertoire for about 3–4 sets or a few hours on and off throughout the evening using LED light-up violins.

A violinist might be hired for anywhere between $150 and $500 per hour. The price of an hour-long solo performance, which includes the ceremony and refreshments, ranges from $100 to $425. While solo pianists charge between $300 and $400, violins range in price from $300 to $770.

DJ Violinist- Perfect combination

What's hip these days is electronic dance music. A violinist and DJ that combines tried-and-tested talents as a DJ, music producer, and electric violinist, making the most memorable wedding party.

A lively, enjoyable, bright, and addicting mood is smoothly created for your wedding by a DJ and electric violin hire service. This duo would give the event a WOW element and something your guests had never seen or heard of before. The DJ and electric violin combination are flexible in their ability to handle any quantity and kind of guests.

Pricing for the Electric Violin usually ranges from $500+ for a ceremony. Pricing for the Traditional Acoustic Violin & DJ Package starts at $1,300, and the Premium Electric Violin & DJ Package at $1,500.

They also can provide a range of sound and lighting services personalized to meet the specific needs of your wedding, and the prices start from 300$.

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