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Sound and Lighting Packages for Corporate Event Staging

Light and audio packages should create an outstanding show and a lasting impression. With corporate lighting by your side, the room can be whatever you want it to be, and the effects will be unforgettable.

Remember that most equipment rentals require a deposit to secure your reservations. Once a deposit is received, it is only then reserved.

Why do you need lights, sound, and video for the event?

Lights generate a vibe that will permeate the room. When a speaker enters the stage, it detracts from the message if they are in too much darkness or shadow. Attendees must strain to hear the speaker if the sound quality is not good enough. Furthermore, your audience is not engaged if they have to squint to see you.

Hosts want guests to have the best experience, so the audio-visual needs to blend seamlessly with the rest of your event.

To make sure your meeting or event is heard and seen, you should consider choosing one of the packages for audio and lighting.

Top-Quality Sound

Sound is a crucial component to arranging an effective corporate event. Consider the size of the place where your event will be held before going into the specifics. No matter how big or small your event space is, audio equipment should be your first point of concern.

When it comes to producing broadcast-quality virtual content, you need a detail-oriented virtual event producer who navigates all the technical needs for you, securing everything from switchers to recording studios to remote speaker webcams. An event producer works with every speaker ensuring content production meets our high standards for quality.

The packages vary from a few hundred dollars up to a few thousand dollars depending on the type of equipment you want to rent. Here is an example.

Effective Lighting

Lighting determines the mood of corporate events, whether it be ornamental, practical, or a combination of both. Even the most detailed of planners can overlook the ever-important party component: lighting. An affordable and easy way to change the look and feel of a room, lighting allows you to quickly set the tone of your event. If you're a startup looking to attract investors, the appropriate lighting strategy can even help you define your identity as a company. The production of corporate events requires careful consideration of stage lighting. No matter where they are seated, you want every member of the audience to be able to see the presenters.

  • LED uplights

  • Stage wash packages for any stage size

  • Custom lighting package

  • Bistro Lighting

Lighting professionals understand how to highlight a room's most attractive focal points while maintaining a lovely glow around the less fascinating areas. However, decor expenses can quickly spiral out of control. For instance, the cost of uplighting alone can reach $2,500. That excludes bouquets, wall accents, and even streamers.

Contact us today to learn more about our conference equipment hire services and solutions.

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