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Find the Best Wedding Music & Wedding DJs/Bands

Find the Best Wedding Music & Wedding DJs/Bands

When you start planning your wedding and reception, after finding the right place, the next thing you have to choose is music. Music on your wedding day is the most significant element in determining the tone of your party, so pay close attention to it.

Your wedding guests will most likely forget about the cake, and most will not notice the decorations. The hairstyle and make-up will eventually fade, but what will stay with them after your relatives and friends leave the wedding, and what they will talk about for months, if not years, is the joyful atmosphere that inspired everyone to get up and dance.

For a great atmosphere, which all couples want at their wedding, you need happy newlyweds and good music.

When to start looking for a wedding band?

Most couples make appointments to reserve bands for the wedding at least six months in advance, many of them a year in advance.

So, to avoid being deprived of a band you like, or ending up with a poor choice, search for wedding entertainment first.

The main mistake that many couples make is that they first schedule a wedding, choose a place, book a minister, and only then do they look for a band. Most worthwhile bands are frequently booked several months (and even a year) in advance for a date that fits your needs.

As soon as you've set a date, start looking for a band or DJ.

How to find a good wedding band?

If you begin your search on time, it should be easy to find and book top performers. You’ve probably already come across a band you like on social media or friends' weddings. You can narrow your search to include the style of music you prefer and, most importantly, whose recordings you enjoy and the impression they leave on guests and social media.

We recommend highly rated entertainment or well-vetted musicians.

The most famous and sought after among the good bands and DJs you can hire for a reasonable price and a good time are the top DJ Violinists, Asher Laub, from Fiddler's Dream Productions and his band, who rarely disappoint and have a well vetted repertoire. Imagine with the cake comes the electric violin that enhances the experience and contributes to the whole moment.

The four most popular musical packages include a DJ or a DJ and a band leader with orchestra.

Did you know? Wedding statistics

When asked what guests remember most about a wedding, 81 percent of attendees say the entertainment! According to Modern Bride Magazine, entertainment will account for only 5% of expenses. However, over 80% of your guests will remember the band's performance more than anything else at your reception.

According to statistics from Modern Bride Magazine, DJs handle 75 to 80 percent of tasks at a typical wedding reception. Many couples credit their DJ for 80 to 90 percent of their reception's success. And after the wedding, almost 100% of couples say they would have spent more of their budget on the entertainment.

These statistics were published in St. Louis Bride & Groom Magazine. Sources include Simmons; USA Today, National Bridal Service, The Knot, and Brides Magazine.

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