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Do I Need Uplighting For My Wedding?

The only things you need for getting married are a minister, a ring, and a marriage license. However, if you are hosting a wedding party, you might want to think more about decorations. Uplighting is one of the more popular wedding lighting options for a good reason. Lighting can drastically improve your event space.

What is Uplighting?

"Uplighting" refers to the direction in which we throw light onto a surface. Around the space, fixtures are positioned at low spots, such as at the base of a wall or column. The lights are oriented up so that the corresponding light beams illuminate the wall and ceiling.

Currently, uplighting is most likely the lighting technique used at weddings, bar mitzvahs, corporate events, and even birthday parties. Although it has been available for a while, the advent of LED technology has recently increased its use. You can play around with the angle of the light by simply tilting the bracket. Regarding light positioning, the straighter and closer to the wall you are - the more narrow the uplight illumination. By simply tilting the bracket you can experiment with the light's angle. In terms of light placement, the narrower the uplight illumination, the straighter and nearer you are to the wall. The instantaneous addition of colored uplighting to your event will give it a lovely and energizing atmosphere.

Lighting sets the mood for your wedding and shows off all your other decor in the way it’s meant to be displayed!

How to Rent Uplighting?

We are aware of how challenging it can be to manage your wedding budget. If you don't want the upfront costs of buying uplights, consider renting or borrowing them. Renting uplights is often the most cost-effective way to get access to them.

It is easy to rent uplighting for many rental companies because you only need to place your order online, and the company will deliver everything to your door. Afterward, you need to send everything back in the same box. Most online companies that provide this service include shipping for free both ways nationwide. To guarantee availability, we advise booking your rental between 2-4 months before your event.

How to maximize the effects of Uplighting?

Although there can be too few (or too many) uplights at your wedding, there are ways to liven up the atmosphere with a few nifty ideas. To create a beautiful design on the ceiling or walls, you can think about using a monogram in conjunction with uplights. For example, the lights really come to life by using a smoke machine or haze.

Look for string lights if you're hosting an outside event. Well-placed string lighting looks fantastic behind a head table or as a backdrop for pictures. Uplighting can include single or multiple static colors or programmed to change colors throughout the night.

The best colors are bright ones, but you can use practically any color ranging from Greens, blues, purples, and hues from the red, gold, and amber families are effective as well. Navy, maroon, gray, and other dark colors don't look good in natural light. Think about warm or cold white or gold; these are conventionally timeless hues.

Before booking a lighting team, ask for demos of how their lights look at an actual venue. Maybe a before and after video to see how the vendors’ lights will contribute to your event.

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