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6 Trending Corporate Entertainment Ideas For Your Event in 2022

Corporate events are the perfect venue for a company to spark productivity, and creativity in its employees. However, the pressure is usually high for the company as they embark on creating a memorable experience. Whether you book a corporate comedian or roastmaster, the entertainment you choose can make or break the experience at the event.

With corporate entertainment, you want it to be fun, exciting, and appeal to a variety of tastes. Looking for ideas for your next corporate entertainment?

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1. Electric Violin Music

Violin music has its origins in the Arab world. But during the Renaissance, Italian violin makers made the violins using different types of wood. In the 17th century, composers such as Lully and Monteverdi popularized violin music. Today, the violin is the queen of string instruments.

At your next corporate event, have electric violin music. Whether it's played as a greeting for guests, at show acts, or during dinner, violin music produces something majestic. In fact, the music can express great sensitivity and strength at the same time.

2. iPad Magician

Wow your team at the next corporate event with an iPad magician. The magic acts performed by an iPad Magician provide unique entertainment to your audience. Not only do the acts capture the spirit of the time. But they leave your guests entertained and in wonder.

One of the most popular iPad magicians is Simon Pierro. Over the past few years, he has traveled the world and entertained audiences at corporate events. Not only did he elevate the corporate event. But he also conveyed the brand’s message in a spellbinding way. His performances have also wowed audiences worldwide from the US to Hong Kong with live shows, virtual magic shows, and more.

3. Virtual Reality

Get your audience adrenaline pumping and keep them entertained via a virtual reality experience. In 2020, the virtual reality market was valued at $15.81 billion. By 2021, the annual revenue of the virtual reality market reached $4.8 billion.

Virtual reality is an interactive and unbelievably exciting experience. Using VR, companies can showcase their products. Or they can use the technology to provide their audience with an unforgettable gaming experience. You can offer VR games such as skiing, football, baseball, motorsports, minigames, and more.

4. Augmented Reality

Remember Pokemon Go, the augmented reality mobile game where players caught Pokemons. Well, you can bring a similar experience to your next corporate event.

Taking inspiration from the concept, you can create a scavenger hunt using different items. Enhance the experience of your guests by allowing them to find hidden objects. They can accomplish that through a variety of clues hidden indoors or outdoors.

5. Video Mapping Dance Shows

Like VR experiences, video mapping dance shows create unique and innovative dance shows. Whether it's a product launch or another event, the video mapping dance shows will surely send shivers down the spines of your audience.

During the show, dancers can team up with live musicians and aerialists to elevate the event to another level. Combining state-of-the-art effects with dancing, the show will create a stunning visual spectacle.

Imagine fireworks appearing to explode or sparks flying from the performers' fingertips, and much more. Whatever you can imagine, the video mapping experts will create for you.

6. Casino Tables

Casino tables at your corporate event are one of the most popular entertainment ideas. You can bring the fun, color, and entertainment of Las Vegas to your casino-themed corporate event. Beautiful showgirls can welcome guests, mingle, and even pose for photos. The showgirls will have a variety of costumes in different colors and styles.

At your casino-themed event, you can have the following tables - craps, roulette, blackjack, Texas Hold’em poker, or card poker. Each table will have a professional dealer plus one pit boss.

To complete the setup, you can have a photobooth, cash cube, and cigar girls on skates. With the full setup that includes Vegas-style casino chips, your guests will truly appreciate the experience.

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