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How to Choose the Most Impressive Entertainer for a Corporate Music Event

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

Most corporate organizations hope to dazzle potential colleagues, so you need to be really good with the entertainment portion. The best place to begin with is a legitimate entertainment specialist, and one who is vetted and has experience. A live band consistently goes down well on such occasions or events, and a seasoned bandleader or MC works well with the group and gets the crowd involved with the music.

Asher Laub, for example is a remarkable entertainer from New York who sets the stage ablaze with his unique performance and style, but there are other options available as well. You can book him or just his team for music entertainment at your corporate music event without any hesitation since he has a big impact. To know if another performer has an equivalent impact check their reviews, or live performance videos, or get a reference. Any of these options will help insure a successful event.

A Lindsey Stirling-level performance is very expensive but can be achieved with a producer and performer like Asher Laub, who's most impressive when featuring his original instrumental violin music along with breakdancers and video wall featuring lighting, special effects and vibrant images that sync to the music. Always make sure you can access videos featuring the talent in question. You should never hire a vendor without having seen them virtually or in person.

In other words, a good soloist can capture the attention of even the most discerning guests with a solid sound and lighting team. They need to be vetted, highly professional and seasoned in the entertainment game.

The most impressive way to grab the attention of your audience is by hiring an equally impressive entertainer who will not only engage attendees, but also help them to get enveloped in the beauty of those musical moments as well. Let's take a look at what kind an entertainer is most suitable for in a corporate music event -

1. Soulful Performer - People in the corporate world look for a change where they can unburden their overcrowded minds. They keep working nine plus hours a day and get lost somewhere in their schedules, deadlines, targets, information overload, conferences, seminars, etc. Soulful and mind refreshing musical concerts help people unwind from the job frustrations, and relieve the mind of negative thoughts as well. Asher Laub is one such dancing violinist who not only performs but will also match his soulful performance with your event theme and brand identity. You can visit the official website to learn more and book his team there.

2. Famous & Unique - Involving someone famous or well-known and unique like Lindsey Stirling, Taylor Davis, Josh Vietti, or Asher Laub, raises your company's profile to another level in the eyes of your esteemed corporate guests. offers event entertainment like string performances, event-themed performances, strolling violinist performances, live shows, etc. Simply submit the contact form and explore the available booking options for corporate music events.

3. Optimistic Image Builder - An entertainer who builds positivity in the environment and for your company should always be your first choice. The entertainment skills and talents of the entertainer can boost the overall morale of the employees as they deal with potential clients and customers at the event. An established entertainment agency should have access to immense talent, musicality and positivity, which will help raise your reputation and also provide the much-awaited return on investment from your clients.

There are some corporate entertainment occasions with no precise purpose beyond facilitating a good time for corporate group building and worker parties. Introducing a performer like Asher Laub at your corporate music event will enhance the whole mood and the aura of the entire event in no time, leaving your guests in awe and respect for both your company and your management.

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